Matel - Intellivision

ACMI Identifier GF000193

Intellivison video games console unit. Black video game unit with two controllers, featuring silver centered dials and a numerical key-pad, that are connected by black power cords and rest on top of unit in special designed slots

Apple ][ Plus Computer

ACMI Identifier GF000190

Apple ][ Plus computer. Grey boxed computer unit with built in keyboard. Also comes with Apple Computer Inc. power supply and internal computer part with attached speaker.No computer monitor with object

Commodore 64

ACMI Identifier GF000149

Commodore 64 Video Game Console. (For console on display game is emulated by concealed PC). Also includes Commodore C64 keyboard, 'Commodore 64 User Manual', 'Commodore 64 Computing' book by Ian Sinclair, 'C2N Cassette Unit Operating Instructions' booklet, plug, cable and cover.

Nintendo Family Computer HVC-001

ACMI Identifier GF000191

Famicom Nintendo Family Computer HVC-001 video games console unit. Red and white plastic computer unit with two gaming controllers attached by black power cords. Controllers have ports designed to rest them either side of the unit. Console comes in original packaging (box) with RF switch, power cable and manual. The manual is written in foreign language

Nintendo Family Computer HVC-001 - Original packaging

ACMI Identifier GF000191

MSX Sony ‘Hit Bit’ HB-75B

ACMI Identifier GF000194

MSX Sony 'Hit Bit' HB-75B video games console. Black computer unit includes keyboard with overlay and adhesive label sheet. Also included are MSX-Basic Reference Chart, Operating Instructions, Programming Reference Manual, Introduction to MSX-Basic, 'Match Maker' advertising flyers, aerial/TV/Computer cable and original packaging box.