Year in review

A recap of Digital Heritage Australia's
favourite projects of 2018

Up and Under

DHA was lucky enough to be involved in the Ballarat Heritage weekend for our second consecutive year. This time around, we developed and delivered a VR booth in partnership with the City of Ballarat and Historian Dr David Waldron.

The project titled “Up and Under” was the headline attraction for the weekend and examined some interesting and inaccessible locations connected to Ballarat's past.

During the two days of the event, the VR booth received well over a thousand visitors, many experiencing VR for the first time. As it was our first time running a VR booth, we were overwhelmed at the positive feedback we received from the public.

A version of Up and Under is now available from the Ballarat Heritage Weekend website and our YouTube. The event was also covered in Beat Magazine.

NFSA interactive

Working in conjunction with the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), DHA has developed a “selfie booth” for installation as part of the visitor experience at the NFSA’s Canberra building.

The booth provides a fun and interactive way for members of the public to access a curated selection of video clips from the NFSA collection. Visitors are encouraged to share their experiences on social media, helping to foster a communal experience.

The booth will open to the public on Monday 17 December.

Captain Mills Cottage

The National Trust (Victoria) has just completed conservation works on one of Victoria’s oldest surviving timer buildings — Captian Mills Cottage in Port Fairy.

DHA had the opportunity to document the building and the conservations works at each stage of this project. The result is a rich photographic archive of the building that accompanies a number of promotional videos, press-shots and an interactive “time lapse” that will be embedded onto the National Trust’s website.

Photographs from the project have been used in various news articles including The Standard.

Exemption Policy Website

As part of an ARC research grant, DHA worked in collaboration with a with Historian Katherine Ellinghaus from Melbourne Universty to develop a website dedicated to Katherine’s research on the policies of exemption imposed on some Aboriginal people during the twentieth century.

The website offers a personalised way for members of the public to learn about the history of exemption and Katherine's research, while also providing a means for members of the public to contact Katherine if they are interested in being involved in her important research.

The website can be viewed by following this link.

Lucy Guerin Dance Studio Virtual Tour

Working with the Digital Studio at Melbourne University, DHA put together an online virtual tour of the now vacated Lucy Guerin Dance Studio in Batman Street West Melbourne as part of the Visualising Venues project.

The project examines how the space has influenced her work and the strong community attachments that are now connected to the building.

The project is tied to the broader development and launch of the Theatre and Dance platform, demonstrating how material from this archive can be presented in a dynamic way.

Another virtual tour will be launched as part of the Visualising Venues project in the new year.

Time Ball Tower

We are always experiementing with new ways to interpretate sites. One of our recent experiments was to use a drone to film and capture a 3D model of the Time Ball Tower in Point Gellibrand Historic Park.

This site and its surroundings have an amazing history and we hope that by interpreting it through the use of new technologies, we can provide an overview and create engagement with this wonderful place.

This has only been a small sample of some of the projects we have worked on during the year and with next year looking equaly as interesting, we can’t wait!

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